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Your true friend during Menstruation

Menstruation or Periods is the most important phase in the life of a girl. Menstruation is a phase wherein there is a flow of blood from a women’s body once in every month. The flow of blood happens from the vagina and uterus of the girl. In normal situation, the flow lasts for a minimum of three days and a maximum of five days. The girls need to take utmost care right from sanitation, hygiene and rest to food nutrition.

In the initial years of menstruation, girls find it very uncomfortable to move around. Since menstruation starts at a very adolescent age of 12 to 15 years, it becomes very challenging for her to cope with it. During this time it is very essential for the mothers to take utmost care of their girl child. During this time a mother is the first friend of her child.

After her comes a true friend in the time of menstruation which is known as a Sanitary Pad . This is the first and foremost thing that is required by the girls and woman. The sanitary napkin pads or a menstruation pad is a disposable item that is absorbent in nature. It is easily available in any medical shop. The menstrual pad absorbs the blood flowing from the vagina and uterus of the woman during the time of Menstruation, post birth, abortion and post any vaginal surgery.

The advent of Sanitary Napkin had happened years back. But during those days the form of the sanitary napkin pads used to be different. These pads were in the form of cotton and cloth which were used by ladies. But due to the lack of hygiene factor, women contracted with sexual diseases. Keeping this in mind, utmost care was taken while making the menstrual pad assuring hygiene and relief factor.

Today’s woman is very active. She wants something more than a Sanitary Napkin for easing the time of menstruation. Since taking care of staining and other things is not possible, the advent of Menstruation Panties took place. These panties are more or less similar to the normal course panties but they have added on benefits that enable easiness and relief.

This underwear for periods ensures a woman to do whatever she wants to do during this time. These specially made panties are designed in a way that it will enable the woman to carry out work out and exercises. She can sleep well without any worries or stress. Most importantly, these panties or shorts acknowledge peace of mind and boost confidence in woman. Since it is multilayered, it prevents her from any embarrassment caused due to leakage. This underwear is soft and eco –friendly. Since it can be washed easily, the hygiene factor is taken care of. It is stretchable and extra soft from all ends ensuring a painless and a comfortable time. Apart from these two, it is very essential to take adequate rest and proper food. Since, a girl looses high amount of calcium from the body, it is highly prescribed to consume milk as well.

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Be comfortable with best sanitary napkin

Menstruation is the discharge of blood monthly from vagina for four to five days all through the reproductive time period of women from the menarche to menopause. It is known as the monthly period and it is a major symbol of physical development as well as becoming a woman. Sanitary napkin is safe to use by women during the menstruation. You must change your pads as frequently as you can base on the flow of blood. When used pads retain on vagina for a longer time, infection is about to happen.

During your period, it is vital that you always wear menstruation panties and menstrual pads. A menstrual napkin absorbs the blood and protects your outfits from getting tainted. Menstrual pads are prepared from absorbent fiber generally wood cellulose. Additionally there may be plastic padding across bottom to help decrease leaks. Selecting the right menstrual pads for your blood flow is vital when you acquire your periods to stop leakages and keep away from public awkwardness.

Sanitary napkin pads are normally made of 3 layers: the surface layer, the absorbent layer and the underlying layer. The option of sanitary napkins must be based on consideration relating to the functions and materials of these 3 layers. Menstrual pads are available in a range of thicknesses and sizes. Regular and Super-absorbent pads are meant for days when the period is heaviest. The ultra-thin pad is to be utilized on the days when period is less, or when you expect the starting of your periods. Extra-absorbent pad is made to last for 4 to 6 hours, however if your flow of blood is very heavy, then it might need sooner replacing. The same goes with pads which are less absorbent and smaller.

Wearing the menstrual pad is easy. Follow these 3 simple steps:

• Remove pad from the package and discard the wrapping.
• Unfold the Menstruation pad and take away the paper on the underneath
• Press the pad, the adhesive-side down, to seat of underwear for period. Make sure that it’s centered. If the pad has "wings," then remove the paper back on every side and press adhesive strips to underside of the underwear.

It is most excellent to check your pad each 2-3 hours so as to see if that needs replacement. For hygiene purposes as well as to avoid rashes, it’s best to change the sanitary pad as often as probable. When you change the pad, remember to dispose it off properly. Wrap that in plastic cover which the pad was in initially or in the newspaper and then throw it in a bin.

When you start menstruating you might have an unequal menstrual pattern. So, keep in mind to keep pads either in your backpack or in locker at school, for emergencies, if you get the period unpredictably. In case you do not have a pad, it can be bought from the nearby pharmacy as well as grocery stores. The menstrual pads should never be flushed down in toilet, as they may cause blockages.

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Menstrual pad should be placed properly to keep yourself free from worries

Some women and girls will wear even more than single underwear during the period of time, in order to feel a little bit more comfy with a menstruation pad on. It is most excellent to wear such underwear on which the pad can completely stick, that is, without even sticking to your clothes.

In contrast, if you find that this "big" day has come at school, at a shopping mall, or anywhere away from your home, search for the nearby washroom, if you aren’t already there.

There’re some public washrooms which have sanitary napkin pads or tampon, for sale. Just pay the required charges and get one. But, if none of the options are available, just take as many toilet tissues as you can, put it in your underwear and go home as fast as possible.

Even though, you might be at school, inform a female teacher who, you trust, about what has happened with you and telephone your Mother to come to pick you. The school nurse will have menstrual pad definitely in her storage and she thus can give you that. If your Mother and you’ve talked regarding this day previously, simply follow the prepared plan.

Whenever you go back home, drink a little milk or water, grab the remote control or a book and make it easy for rest of your day. It is known to be a main step into the womanhood, congratulation and God's blessing to you.

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How to handle your first period with sanitary napkin

It can be a daunting point of time for you; however, hopefully your Mother or someone else whom, you always look up for, have set you for this important occasion. In contrast though, if nobody has helped in preparations for this time, expectantly, this article will be helpful in making the timeless scary as probable.

One day you might be running around in a garden with friends or you might be merely watching the Television when you suddenly feel as if you need to go to your wash room. You might not understand why, as you didn’t even feel like going for urinating. Anyway, when you go there and you’re tidying up, you will notice a little blood on the tissue and you will panic! You do not know why you are actually bleeding there and you’re asking yourself, "When I got hurt there?" Don’t worry, you actually didn’t hurt yourself, it is normal. It is an important part of becoming a female and it is supposed to occur.

Sanitary Pad and Menstruation Panties are the most essential part of your menstrual cycle. If your older sister or Mom is at home, then shout for either of them and they will bring you a sanitary napkin pad or might be you will choose a tampon. Sanitary napkin pads are soft items (you’ll find them in the special care section of stores) which are placed on the panties and usually they sticks to it well, to keep them from moving. The tampon also is a soft product and it is positioned inside opening of your vagina, but you might need a little practice in getting that placed there properly.

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