Sanitary Napkin Pads

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Be Familiar With The Quality Of Sanitary Napkins And Pads

Sanitary pad or Sanitary napkin is the absorptive pad made of cotton as well as cellulose; these are worn by females at the time of monthly menstruation period. These menstrual pads are made of disposable and absorbent material and it absorbs the menstrual flow.

Tampons are also used during menstrual period; it is made of cotton or any other absorbent stuff that is inserted into the body to absorb the fluid of the body. The basic type used in day to day application is a normal disposable plug, which is made to be put in inside the vagina at the time of menstruation in order to soak up the blood flow. In the USA, the FDA determines tampons as the medical devices.

Different Kinds Of Sanitary Pads And Sanitary Napkins:

Panty Liner - It is designed to soak up the daily discharge vagina, light menstrual blood, slight enuresis, and “spotting".

Ultra-thin - It is a very thin Sanitary Napkin or pad that one can use it regularly according to her requirement. Because of its thin size most of the females prefer to use these pads.

Regular - It is a middle range sanitary pad that is made for regular use during menstrual period.

Maxi / super - it is a larger Sanitary Pad that is effective at the beginning of the menstrual period when the flow of blood is more.

Night – These are longer sanitary napkin pads that allow more protection when a user is lying down, its size is slight longer than the regular sanitary pad, and These Night pads possess an absorbent material that is very much suitable for nightlong use.

Maternity - The menstrual pad is commonly slightly longer compared to a maxi/Super sanitary pad and these are made to worn to soak up lochia (the bleeding, which happens after childbirth). The special design of these sanitary napkin pads help a lot to females while they have undergone vaginal surgeries, abortion or childbirth.

Important Factors That Is To Be Considered At The Time Of Selecting Sanitary Napkins:

A menstruation pad is generally made of 3 layers: absorbent layer, surface layer as well as underlying layer. But the selection of a menstruation pad must be based on several considerations that associate with the materials as well as the functions of those three layers.

Absorbency Layer - It is the middle layer and must have effectual absorption agents.

Surface Layer - This layer is preferred to bear a cotton surface with speedy absorption capability in order to avoid becoming wet skin.

Underlying Layer - The underlying layer must be designed of semi permeable materials.

Apart from these sanitary pads and napkins one can also get menstruation panties and underwear for period of menstruation. These menstruation panties and underwear for period are easily available in the market and one does not have to go here and there in search of these products. You are able to get those stuffs easily from a medical store in your locality or if you want you are able to order those from online stores.

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