Sanitary Napkin Pads

UndiePads Disposable Underwear with Built-In Menstrual Pad looks and feels like your regular underwear, 12 hour protection you can count on!

Sanitary napkin pads- too out-fashioned for a woman on the move

A centurion would not recommend you buy one if you are a constant TV watcher these days. Women get caught up in the hype, that’s why! Sanitary Napkin or a sanitary pad has become an article of reckoning if you ask me. Leave aside the embarrassment. The discomfort is way too much to handle. The last time someone must had thought before using a sanitary pad is unknown but what’s known is that the toil a teenager have already had is way too much.

Not much is known about the women who menstruated, only to understand that they can conceive. What did they do to stop it? Stop it from being the push from the society that gave rise to a menstruation Pad . I think most of them were just simply happy for the attention they got. So must’ve got offers from the kings to be their mistresses. I would want to think it to be taken as a matter of pride more than as a matter of shame or embarrassment. The likeliness of both is even depending on which subcontinent were they born in. The Amazon tribes have had great respect for their women. No wonder they aren’t fully dressed, nothing happens to them. I still believe that the man who had the idea of making menstruation panties had some agenda behind it. He must’ve said to himself like the joker of the batman comics. Why so serious? Take it out and throw it away. No hassle! Isn’t that all the more embarrassing and frustrating these days. Imagine a woman doing gym has menstruation panties on, can’t hide the stains and has got to use the restroom only to find it’s engaged.

Do you now understand the whole point of wearing underwear for period? It’s exactly what you think it is. More embarrassment. Ideally to hide the stain and the embarrassment we need to look for better options, options that’ll have a full body involvement and a collective effort of the peripherals of a woman. Let’s start by thinking about the possible evolution awaited. Woman is supposed to deliver babies even before the said decided date. So how did this happen. It’s a biological change and at the same times a change of mindset for both men and women. sanitary napkin pads companies however keep on making money till they sell their menstrual pad and wait till some researcher find the way out to biologically change the genome of a woman and have them contain the secretion and then device different method to take it out. A method which is a little more hygienic than regularly changing Sanitary napkin pads or always being a little conscious about staining while wearing a menstruation pad. Let’s say for example for animals there is no such process as menstruation and hence no menstrual pad so if the animals are evolved to become humans can humans not evolve back to become animals.

What I mean is that can we not have the better of it and stay happy for life. No more wet panties and no more sanitary napkin. I would for one again go in the favour of an underwear for period because we are still a long way to go for that great evolution that takes us to a new level of civilization and help us restore a little more pride for our ladies that they never had.

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