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Menstruation is the discharge of blood monthly from vagina for four to five days all through the reproductive time period of women from the menarche to menopause. It is known as the monthly period and it is a major symbol of physical development as well as becoming a woman. Sanitary napkin is safe to use by women during the menstruation. You must change your pads as frequently as you can base on the flow of blood. When used pads retain on vagina for a longer time, infection is about to happen.

During your period, it is vital that you always wear menstruation panties and menstrual pads. A menstrual napkin absorbs the blood and protects your outfits from getting tainted. Menstrual pads are prepared from absorbent fiber generally wood cellulose. Additionally there may be plastic padding across bottom to help decrease leaks. Selecting the right menstrual pads for your blood flow is vital when you acquire your periods to stop leakages and keep away from public awkwardness.

Sanitary napkin pads are normally made of 3 layers: the surface layer, the absorbent layer and the underlying layer. The option of sanitary napkins must be based on consideration relating to the functions and materials of these 3 layers. Menstrual pads are available in a range of thicknesses and sizes. Regular and Super-absorbent pads are meant for days when the period is heaviest. The ultra-thin pad is to be utilized on the days when period is less, or when you expect the starting of your periods. Extra-absorbent pad is made to last for 4 to 6 hours, however if your flow of blood is very heavy, then it might need sooner replacing. The same goes with pads which are less absorbent and smaller.

Wearing the menstrual pad is easy. Follow these 3 simple steps:

• Remove pad from the package and discard the wrapping.
• Unfold the Menstruation pad and take away the paper on the underneath
• Press the pad, the adhesive-side down, to seat of underwear for period. Make sure that it’s centered. If the pad has "wings," then remove the paper back on every side and press adhesive strips to underside of the underwear.

It is most excellent to check your pad each 2-3 hours so as to see if that needs replacement. For hygiene purposes as well as to avoid rashes, it’s best to change the sanitary pad as often as probable. When you change the pad, remember to dispose it off properly. Wrap that in plastic cover which the pad was in initially or in the newspaper and then throw it in a bin.

When you start menstruating you might have an unequal menstrual pattern. So, keep in mind to keep pads either in your backpack or in locker at school, for emergencies, if you get the period unpredictably. In case you do not have a pad, it can be bought from the nearby pharmacy as well as grocery stores. The menstrual pads should never be flushed down in toilet, as they may cause blockages.

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