Sanitary Napkin Pads

UndiePads Disposable Underwear with Built-In Menstrual Pad looks and feels like your regular underwear, 12 hour protection you can count on!

Your true friend during Menstruation

Menstruation or Periods is the most important phase in the life of a girl. Menstruation is a phase wherein there is a flow of blood from a women’s body once in every month. The flow of blood happens from the vagina and uterus of the girl. In normal situation, the flow lasts for a minimum of three days and a maximum of five days. The girls need to take utmost care right from sanitation, hygiene and rest to food nutrition.

In the initial years of menstruation, girls find it very uncomfortable to move around. Since menstruation starts at a very adolescent age of 12 to 15 years, it becomes very challenging for her to cope with it. During this time it is very essential for the mothers to take utmost care of their girl child. During this time a mother is the first friend of her child.

After her comes a true friend in the time of menstruation which is known as a Sanitary Pad . This is the first and foremost thing that is required by the girls and woman. The sanitary napkin pads or a menstruation pad is a disposable item that is absorbent in nature. It is easily available in any medical shop. The menstrual pad absorbs the blood flowing from the vagina and uterus of the woman during the time of Menstruation, post birth, abortion and post any vaginal surgery.

The advent of Sanitary Napkin had happened years back. But during those days the form of the sanitary napkin pads used to be different. These pads were in the form of cotton and cloth which were used by ladies. But due to the lack of hygiene factor, women contracted with sexual diseases. Keeping this in mind, utmost care was taken while making the menstrual pad assuring hygiene and relief factor.

Today’s woman is very active. She wants something more than a Sanitary Napkin for easing the time of menstruation. Since taking care of staining and other things is not possible, the advent of Menstruation Panties took place. These panties are more or less similar to the normal course panties but they have added on benefits that enable easiness and relief.

This underwear for periods ensures a woman to do whatever she wants to do during this time. These specially made panties are designed in a way that it will enable the woman to carry out work out and exercises. She can sleep well without any worries or stress. Most importantly, these panties or shorts acknowledge peace of mind and boost confidence in woman. Since it is multilayered, it prevents her from any embarrassment caused due to leakage. This underwear is soft and eco –friendly. Since it can be washed easily, the hygiene factor is taken care of. It is stretchable and extra soft from all ends ensuring a painless and a comfortable time. Apart from these two, it is very essential to take adequate rest and proper food. Since, a girl looses high amount of calcium from the body, it is highly prescribed to consume milk as well.

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